Custom-made business service

  • Connecting to governments
  • Bridging business relations
  • Local representative

Relationships are everything in China, and when conducting business in China, building relationships is one of the most important steps. Not only with private enterprises, but also with public organisations, associations and governments. With over 10 years of China experience and being identified by Chinese as a Dutch Agricultural Centre, we have a head start in contacts with public bodies. Our support in connecting to governments benefits your business.

China is literally and figuratively miles away from your home market. Chinese business may externally, in skills and knowledge, appear internationally adapted. However, internally, the cultural factors like habits, principles and personal beliefs, lie below the surface of the iceberg and are not easily altered. It takes time to discover this and be able to enter or expand in the market with success.  With over 10 years of China experience and local sectoral managers, we are experts in bridging cultural gaps and developing strategic local alliances for effective business relations. It avoids unwanted risk in the special Chinese market. 

In the nowadays global business environment, it is not always possible to serve all your markets by yourself in person. We can act as your local representative for you to have an everyday “face” and contact point in the market. We act honestly and in good faith to represent and promote your business, build brand awareness, establish new relations and overseeing promising leads.